Forever Frames

Many people have some type of unity ceremony at their wedding. A growing trend is the sand ceremony.  One of the most versatile and unique sand ceremony options is the Forever Frame.  Each set can be personalized to your individual tastes and then combined into one beautiful piece of art.

What is a Forever Frame sand ceremony and how does it work?

The sand ceremony itself is special time during the wedding where the bride and groom
take turns pouring different colored sand into a Forever Frame box.  Often times this includes other members of their family or wedding party (i.e. officiant, parents, children.) This ceremony represents the union of their lives coming together and as the grains mix they will never be separated.

forever frame

Our Forever Frames have unique characteristics that allow them to enhance your home after the wedding. The first feature is the keeper plate. This allows you to pour your sand into the built in frame of the box and then keep it in place. The plate insert sets on top of the sand and secures it in place.  This also acts as a shelf so you can add a few small mementos from the day or maybe even from your honeymoon.

Another lovely feature for the Forever Frame is that it includes the ability to add or change out a picture without ever disturbing the sand.  For the ceremony, the couple can display the frame with their engagement picture and then exchange it later for a wedding photo.
These frames look good in any room and would be a beautiful piece of art to proudly display.

forever frame

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Personalized Chocolates

personalized favors

If you are getting married, having a shower, or just hosting a party, personalized chocolate favors will be a hit.  Chocolates are very popular favors which are appreciated by the young and young at heart.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are absolutely delicious.


The personalized chocolates are perfect for any occasion because you can customize them to match or accentuate the décor of the event.  The solutions to personalize, add images, graphics, wording, and slogans are endless.


There are a number of chocolate favors to choose from as well, including:


·         Hershey’s Miniatures

·         Hershey’s Kisses

·         Chocolate Covered Pretzels

·         Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

·         York Peppermint Patties

·         Reese’s Miniatures


Sometimes when you are planning an event, favors may be the last thing on your mind.  Then suddenly you are reminded that, as a good host, you should provide a favor.  Even if your budget is already stretched, chocolate is an inexpensive solution.  The selections for chocolate are definitely affordable, but not to worry, we do not sacrifice on quality with the work that is produced.


Chocolates are the perfect way to say thank you to guests that have traveled from far and wide to attend a special event in your life.  They will make people smile once they sit down at their seat, and remember you as they bring them home or to the hotel where they are staying for the night.


If you are by chance looking for inspiration for your event, feel free to browse our many galleries to find what will fit your occasion perfectly.

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Personalized Water Bottle Labels

If you host any event, one of the things you always try to include is something that is personal to that event.

Water bottle labels are the perfect way to incorporate a special personalized touch that won’t break the bank. You choose the style you would like and insert names and sometimes pictures and you have the perfect favor for your guests, or maybe even a special treat for those out of town gift bags for the hotel rooms. Cases of water bottles are pretty inexpensive and you can pair them with an elegant label to make it a complete package.

nutrition label

With our “Touch of Color Triple Photo” Label you can highlight 3 pictures. Maybe you would like to use those engagement pictures. Another great idea is to have baby pictures paired with a picture of you and your spouse in the middle. The labels can also include a charming nutrition label that will make hearts melt.

Examples of nutritional values are:

  • Servings Size = 1 Loving Couple
  • Daily Percent Values are based on a Committed and Loving Relationship

Keep your guests hydrated and entertained with this unique item.

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Use our Tins for Both the Wedding and the Shower!

wedding shower

When it comes to your wedding, only a few people will remember all the important details and accents – unless they stand out. The guests outside of your wedding party and close circle will likely only remember the food, music, and favors. This is exactly why the catering, the entertainment, and the favors that you choose are important, and warrant the most thought. You can make your guests remember unique accents by drawing attention to them and piquing interest with unique, unconventional items.


One of the many reasons that our tins are a great investment is because they are just so versatile. You will see by taking a look at our page that there are plenty of occasions that these adorable tins could be used- and are totally reusable. This is definitely an advantage over the one-time use of bubbles or candles.

wedding gifts

Bridesmaid’s gifts and groomsmen gifts are much more special when they’re personalized and sentimental. Our tins are easily customizable, making them especially great for those who took the time to help put your special day together.


Show those who helped you (and those who supported you on one of the biggest days of your life) your appreciation. These candy and mint tins will not only be extremely useful on the big day, but they will be remembered for a long time. Step out of the ordinary and give your loved ones the gift of thoughtfulness and let ForeverWed Supply Co. help you give your big day that special touch.

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Country Wedding Ideas

Birch Weddings

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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

You’re pressed for time, yet you still want to show you care creatively and fashionably. It’s easy. Use these pointers (below) from American Greetings to ensure your gift is received with a smile.

  1. Be different and wrap one half of a present in one design and the other half in a complementing solid paper. Attach a solid bow that brings everything all together.
  2. Inexpensive items and things you can find around the house can become creative package decorations. For example, ball up a piece of ice cream-colored tissue paper and nestle your scoop into an ice cream cone — the perfect topping for a package wrapped in ice cream-patterned paper or a gift for an ice cream lover.
  3. Attach something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. A lovely piece of old lace, tied with a blue ribbon and topped with a shiny new penny, is certain to catch the eye of the bride-to-be.
  4. Mix two different complementing colors of tissue to top off gift bags. Attach a bow or a package decoration to make this very easy wrap extra special.
  5. Wrapping gifts in unexpected ways adds to the fun of the occasion. Roll golf balls in a cylinder of golf-themed wrapping paper, tied at each end and between each ball with curling ribbon. Curl the ribbon with a pair of scissors.
  6. When giving a gift for the kitchen, such as a blender or mixer, attach color-coordinating measuring cups or spoons to tie in with your gift.
  7. Fresh flowers make great present-toppers on any occasion. Stick with solid color wraps that complement, rather than compete with, your ensemble.
  8. Add a fan fold for special occasions. Cut a section of wrap and fold in half diagonally. Fold into a fan and tie or tape the fan to your gift.
  9. Draw out the anticipation of a gift-giving occasion by delivering the gift scavenger-hunt-style, having the recipient follow clues on a series of notes to lead him or her to the present.


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Money Talks… Yours, Mine, and Ours

“What’s mine is yours!” It’s a lovely sentiment, but with your pending marriage it becomes a lot more. On the positive side, you will most likely have the added financial security of additional income, new insurance options, perhaps some additional investments. On the other hand, your fiancé may also be bringing personal debt in the form of student loans, credit cards, mortgages. When you marry, so does your debt and your assets.

If your combined finances are complicated, either person has an especially high income, or an especially high debt level, you may want advice from a professional. But there are many simple things you will want to consider now and decisions you should make together before you marry.

First you need to discuss all the facts. As unromantic as it sounds, now is the time for a session of “truth and consequences.” Drag out all the facts, positive and negative. Look at the potential of your combined debt and combined income and assets. This is a good time to set realistic goals and establish a budget. Do it early. It may affect your wedding, honeymoon or residence plans.

There are lots of opportunities to save money at this point. Auto insurance is often lower for “married” drivers and you can enjoy an overall savings by putting all your cars on one policy. Health insurance is another consideration. If you are both covered through employers, compare your costs and benefits. This is especially important if you plan to have children together, or either of you already has children.

This is also the time to take a good look at your combined credit card usage and debt. (Scary, but necessary!) Don’t just add his and hers. Keep the lowest interest rates and get rid of those annual fees. If you can, transfer your current debt from high to lower interest cards. Include a debt reduction amount in your budget and start paying off your cards.

Develop a savings and investment plan. A little money now is easier to find than a lot of money later. And the earlier you invest it, the more money it makes for you. You will need a short term emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses; a mid-range investment fund for specific needs like purchasing a home, college education for children, or perhaps your dream vacation; and a long-term investment fund to provide a lifetime of security. After all, with any luck, you two will retire together someday.

Investing to meet your goals is probably the hardest for most people. Consider a forced savings plan, like payroll deduction, to get you started. If you don’t have time to do research, get help with your investments. A financial advisor or investment counselor can make all the difference. You don’t have to be wealthy to take advantage of professional help, and if you’re like most people, you could use a lot of good advice.

If you don’t have life insurance, have a professional assess your situation. If you do have life insurance policies, retirement funds, or other transferable assets, make certain you change the beneficiaries and ownership records.

Discuss your priorities openly. Is life unbearable for you without a vacation cruise every year? Is your wardrobe an important part of your personal self-esteem? No value judgments here. Be honest about what matters to you or it will come back to haunt you later.

After all, this is real life. Your financial security can have an enormous impact on your emotional security and your relationship. All those dry unromantic numbers eventually translate into “quality of life” for the two of you.


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Recycle Your Wedding

For most people, use of wedding products is minimal, if not obsolete, after the wedding. People will typically look for the cheapest decorations, the most inexpensive gifts, and use the ‘leftover’ money to purchase the gown and cake. Makes sense… doesn’t it? What if I told you that instead of throwing away those ‘over-priced’ decorations, ‘misplacing’ that cake topper, and disposing of those plastic wine glasses, you could save yourself some money for future parties and gatherings?

ForeverWed offers some of the best quality wedding supplies and the lowest price! Do you have all of your decorations yet?

What most people don’t realize is that practically most everything is reusable! What about that tulle roll? Use it for arts-and-crafts with your kids, nephews, and nieces. They’ll love its texture, and there is practically a hundred different things they could do with it! You could also use it as ribbon for that gift you bought for Aunt Helen. We’re here talking about tulle rolls, and you can already see that there’s really no need for waste!

What about the cake topper? Some people will keep it as display in their home for about a month after the wedding, and then ‘misplace’ it, only to find it in the trash a week later. For years, cake toppers have been bought as necessity items for the wedding, never to be used at any other time. What if I told you that instead of using a $20, or maybe even a $50 item for one use, you could use it over and over again? What about your one year anniversary? Traditionally, the wedding cake features three tiers. The top one, (also the smallest,) is kept in a freezer after the wedding to be used as the bride and grooms one year anniversary. Cherish the memory of the night you were wed by placing the cake topper on your ‘one-year-cake’ before devouring its rich, fluffy cake-ness. Have you ever thought about renewing your vows for your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary? If you can manage to keep the cake topper in a save place for that long, use it again at the renewal ceremony to remind the guests of your special day. You could even opt to use it as part of a display of ‘original wedding pieces’ from your wedding!

So now are you interested in reusing your wedding pieces? Here is a list of a few more items and what you could do with them:

1) Tin Mints- Keep the tin! They’re GREAT for storing and refilling with candy and mints.
2) Plastic Wine Glasses- Clean them and reuse them at another event! Save the $10 on plastic cups and the time to do dishes.
3) Unity Candle- Keep it! It will be of good use when the power fails. You could also reuse it at your vow renewal ceremony!

Now that you see the good in reusing, we hope you will renew, reuse, and save with ForeverWed.


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