Wedding Cake Accessories

There are many kinds of wedding cake accessories. It can be a challenge to find the wedding cake accessories that are right for you, however we hope that you will find a perfect match within our selection of products.

The wedding cake is one of the most easily recognized features at a wedding reception. Whether you have chosen a simple cake or a more elaborate design, we at Weddingstar are here to help. We have a great selection of well priced wedding cake display accessories.

When it comes to decorating your wedding cake table, you have come to the right place. You are probably wondering what can improve your wedding cake. After all, it is a work of art all on its own. This is true, but just as every great painting needs a frame, every cake needs surroundings that compliment its design, and wedding cake accessories are the ideal way to achieve the right look.

Finding the right cake serving set is the best place to start. Wedding cake accessory silverware can make a huge difference to the appearance of your cake table. We have a varied selection for you to choose from. Whether you want themed wedding cake accessory silverware or a more ageless design there is a set just waiting for you!

There is more to wedding cake decorations than just the cake topper. The right wedding cake accessories can make all the difference.

Our personalized napkins are another of our popular wedding cake accessories. Multiple foil colors and our always growing collection of unique design options will take your personalization to the next level. With an elaborate selection of napkin colors and shades you are guaranteed to find one that will compliment your wedding cake. Accessory silverware can even match the napkins if you choose gold or silver foil. Also – the napkins come in two convenient sizes!

To complete the cake and provide something for it to rest on, don't forget about wedding cake stands. Though it might seem to be a simple detail, you cannot have wedding cakes without wedding cake stands!

We hope you enjoy our selection of wedding cake accessories.