Wedding Programs

Floral Background Wedding Programs
Floral Background Wedding Programs
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Pink Petals Color Coordinated Wedding Programs
Pink Petals Color Coordinated Wedding Programs
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Calla Lily Personalized Wedding Programs
Calla Lily Personalized Wedding Programs
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Links and Resources for Wedding Programs

Basics of a wedding program

Example of how to set up the wedding program. 
Guide for an Episcopal Wedding Program
Exactly what information is typically included in a wedding program?
 Making your wedding program unique
 Things to include in your program 
Wedding Program Information
 How to format a wedding program
 Catholic Hispanic Wedding Program
 Wording for deceased Grooms Parents
 Honoring Deceased Relatives
What Format Do I Use for a Catholic Wedding Program
 How to Include my Fiancés Parents in the Wedding Program
 Freeware or Shareware for wedding programs?
 Things to include in your wedding program

 Wedding Program Examples
 - excellent resource with many examples

 Deceased: Honoring the Deceased
 Deceased: Wording for deceased grooms parents
 Formats: Could you possible give me a format for wedding programs.
 Formats: I need a program format for a catholic/Hispanic wedding.
 Love: Love quotes for your ceremony program
Advice: Acknowledging aunt on program
 Advice: Should I include his Aunt in the program?
 Advice: How to word a thank you to mom
 Advice: I'm wearing my mother's wedding dress and would like to thank her in a  special way in our wedding program.  What would you suggest? 

 Advice: I am adding an insert to my wedding program, I would like to put a vase  of roses on the alter, each rose representing a loved one that has passed away and could not be there for our special day.  How  do I make it look tasteful
 Advice: My honor attendants is a single, divorced young lady (age 30ish).   Should she be referred to as the 'Matron of Honor' or 'Maid of Honor'?  Should the Program read 'Miss' or 'Ms.'?

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