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Prince and Princess Wedding cake Topper

Personalized Flourish Design Aisle Runner  
Personalized Directional Sign
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Polaroid Pesonalized Photo Backdrop  
Polaroid Pesonalized Photo Backdrop




Why ForeverWed Store for Wedding Decorations?

Foreverwed Store is not just a retail store for wedding products, we design and manufacture the majority of the wedding favors that we sell including our mini Hershey chocolate bar wrappers, water bottle labels, and some wedding decorations. This puts us in the unique position of being able to design products around a particular niche in the market, filling in the gaps and making sure there is something for everyone.

Over 3000 Custom Designed Wedding Accessories

Our design team is always working to create or find the products that can help wedding dreams come true. If we can help you find wedding decorations that will achieve the style you are searching for then we will have done precisely what we have set out to do. Should you be searching for anything specific and cannot locate it on our website, please feel free to contact our fabulous customer service team. They will be able to inform you whether or not we carry the wedding decorations you are looking for.

Hundreds of Wedding Ideas

If it is wedding ideas that you are searching for, be sure to check out our Ideas and Inspiration page. On A Sweet Note, our official wedding blog, is chalk full of wedding ideas as well as tips and tricks to help you with your wedding decorations!

Wedding Cake Toppers that Take the Cake!

We are very proud of our unique selection of wedding cake toppers. Not only do we have the more traditional Bride and Groom cake toppers, but you will also find many that are designed to suit particular personalities and interests. Some of our most popular wedding cake toppers include our romantic collection and sports cake toppers. The cake toppers are made from high quality porcelain and are so detailed they will complement any wedding decorations!

Planning A Wedding - Start By Finding The Perfect Wedding Decorations!

Planning a wedding should be a fun, memorable experience that can be shared by your partner, friends and family. The time leading up to your momentous day can be stress free if you've already spent time ensuring you've left no details to chance. At ForeverWed Store, our years of experience designing wedding decorations have made us quite the group of wedding experts. Take a few moments to browse our impressive online catalogue of wedding decorations from cake toppers to favors, to bridal accessories and wedding gifts. We've had the pleasure of helping many brides and grooms before you gain valuable wedding insights and information simply by taking in all we have to offer. Perhaps you know you want a themed wedding but aren't sure where to start. Or maybe your plan includes a more traditional approach that reflects the history and vintage feel of years past. No matter what you're after, ForeverWed Store's comprehensive suite of wedding decorations has something for everyone.

Wedding Favors for Every Budget and Style

Whether you prefer DIY wedding favors or the variety that come to your door fully ready to give out, we have something here for you. Our selection of boxes, bags and containers can make DIY wedding favors a snap! Simply fill them with the treat of your choice, add a dash of personalization and they are ready to go. Many of our favors come in custom designed novelty packaging. You won't have to do a thing to prepare them to be given out. Simply include them in a favor display or in each guest's table setting and you are ready to go. You'll be able to find wedding favors for every theme, color scheme and even some that can be incorporated into your wedding decorations for a cohesive and stylish look.

Incredible Selection of Quality Wedding Decorations

When planning the decor for a wedding one of the most challenging tasks can be finding wedding decorations that not only match your theme and vision but fit within your budget as well. Here at ForeverWed Store we try to keep our line of wedding accessories and wedding decorations as varied as possible! Some of the themes that we feature are Love Bird, Cherry Blossom and Western. Of course you will also find wedding decorations that coordinate with various color schemes as well as a plethora of other themes!